Job Information
Position Vacant:Embedded Linux drive system software engineer.
Education:Undergraduate course
Add Time:2018-04-08

1. More than 3 years of experience in Linux system development, proficient in C language, good coding habits, computer, information, electronics and other related majors are preferred.

2. Proficient in Linux system programming and Linux kernel driving development capability;

3. Familiar with embedded Linux development tools and processes, including uboot, Linux kenel, rootfs;

4. Familiar with Freescale IMX6 platform;

5. Yocto tool development and maintenance experience is preferred;

6. Proficient in cross-compiling environment, familiar with typical Linux system calls and application development.

7. Understanding software version management. As a maintainer, master at least one version management tool (e.g. SVN, GIT, etc.).

Job Content

Be responsible for embedded Linux system architecture design, system kernel maintenance, formulate the overall software plan according to requirements, and divide software modules.

1. Maintain embedded Linux platform system software, including uboot, kernel and rootfs;

2. Develop device drivers and some software tools;

3. Solve the system related problems encountered by application developers.

4. Have a deep understanding of Linux kernel drive, and can customize and tailor Linux system. You can write Linux drivers independently.

5. In-depth understanding of the architecture of the ARM (cortex-a8). Proficient in Linux common drivers and related protocols, such as: Framebuffer, Ethernet, USB, CAN bus, I2C, SPI, etc. The driver can be optimized for depth.

6. Excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit, good English reading and writing skills.