Vehicle electronic promotes industry upgrade
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Vehicle electronic promotes industry upgrade

In Linjiang high-tech square, there is an impressive enterprise called Zhejiang autorock vehicle electronic company. This orgnization was a industy platform fund by China Science Academic ShangHai macro-system research Center and LinJiang government which was settled to our square this year.

According to introduction, autorock will accord to the requirement of the market of the vehicle electronic, develop research of proactive, practicability technology, and platform service,  focus on the research areas on vihecle BMS, vehicle sensors, Display terminal for engineering machinery vehicle,  electronic control of new sources of energy of vehicles, Wireless remote control technology, Telematics technology, engine management system. besides, four public sevice platform will be built: vehicle electronic develop and research platform, vehicle electronic reliability test platform, Telematics service platform, electric vehicle romote service platform.

"Autorock is an advanced and knowledge concentrated industry enterprise which is committing itself to research, design and application", chairman Jinsing said. enterprise will corporated with industry, college, research and design, in order to build independent vehicle electronic parts industry, break monopoly from foreign companies. First phase of the project will research and develop vehicle electric chips and core components and spare parts, provide over-all solution which has proprietary intellectual property rights, service for up-and down stream enterprises.

By report, all members in Jinsing Team have experiences of working abroad, China Science Academic ShangHai macro-system research center is one of our original scientific research institution which has the history of over 80 years. Although has been fund for a short time, but has bulit the pattren of industy combined with research with FAW, SAIC MOTOR, CHERY, CSMC, GRACE semiconductor, ASMC, ShangHai Fudan Microelectronics Group company Limited, BYD. Both sides binding  interests together in the area of design, produce, chip application.
Consider Vehicle electronic as the pillar technology, is one of the high-tech key point area which has the priority of develop, and the most important part of information industry. developing vehicle electronics has an extra sense to our square. for our square, vehicle components and spare parts is a traddional superiority industry, but most of the products and enterprises remain primary stage, low-tech products causes low profits, make us passive in the market competition.

"Get rid of that, XiaoShan will consider vehicle electronic as one of the Innovation breakthrough", an officer from district economic and information industry bureau, vehicle electronic promote original components and spare parts into high-end, speed up the innovation of the whole industry, Facing the high tip direction of continuous advance, "one purpose, import vehicle electronic project from outside of the districtl; on the other hand, we are encouraging enterprise participating in the vehicle electonic indusry."
ABS is a high-tech product with higher mechanotronics, developed country used to build monopoly of ABS technology, but APG break the monopoly.

Huang Laixing, Founder of APG, introduced that, APG used to make basic brakes as main industy, but mechanical products like that doesn't accord with the develop direction of mechanotronics that component and sprae parts will go in the future, "Notice that, we speed up the electric technology, Independent research and develop ABS."

Persistence is the key to success! after continuing research and development, the APG receive great success in the area of ABS industry, one of the products got the first prize of "China auto industry science and Technology Progress Award". Now, APG has become the domestic industry leader of ABS , so many well-known enterprises including FAW, Das Auto Cooperated with APG.

"Now, we're taking research and development of brakes products with most international advanced technology such as ESC, EPB." Huang Laixing said.